Through My Lens – San Francisco Airport

The Typewriter – An Innovation in Writing (museum display)

I cannot tell you my excitement when I saw this display from a distance on the concourse. . . I have a love for typewriters that goes WAY back to when I was a little girl. My Nana C taught me to type on her electric typewriter with my little 4 year old fingers. . . no would could type xyzzy as quick as me 😉 My grandfather Britton left me his old manual typewriter that I loved pounding away on to do reports for school etc. . . Yes, I’m that old – -pre-computer. . . That typewriter is what the logo for My Return Ticket is based on. This was a neat distraction while we waited to board our flight.

Ray Bradbury’s typewriter

John Lennon’s typewriter 

This was just like the one I learned on at my Nana’s – she even had that typing course you see in the top right corner! 

Love love love the brass details on this model – – seriously swooning here 

They came in RED?! 

This. Is. Just. Cool. 

Ughhhh I remember having black fingers from the carbon paper no matter how careful I was 

Tennessee Williams unit that he used to write Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 

Ernest Hemingway’s typewriter

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