Air Canada’s Flight Safety Video

I know, I know, a strange thing to write about but cudos must be given to whoever Air Canada hired to produce this video

It’s quite beautiful, focussing on many stunning locations throughout Canada as you’re shown what to do in case of emergency. The amazing videography features Newfoundland & Labrador; Manitoba; the Yukon, Toronto, Ontario; the Northwest Territories; Nunavut; Alberta; Vancouver, British Columbia; & Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

It’s also got a lightheartedness about it as a bearded fisherman on his boat in Nova Scotia is taking the airline life jacket from below his seat & showing how to inflate it. 

When explaining how to brace yourself in case of emergency, there are yogis overlooking the ocean in Prince Edward Island doing the ‘lay your chest across your lap & grasp the back of your knees or ankles’ pose. 

It’s just a nice change from the air crew having to show you how the seatbelt works or the oxygen mask technique & I could hear other travellers exclaiming over the gorgeous scenery, which meant I wasn’t the only one watching the presentation for once. 

Just why??

Embarrassing mess left behind after people travel by air!

Wondering why it is that travellers leave such a mess behind on the airplane?

It’s shameful that grown adults, who have many opportunities to give their trash to the air crew, don’t.

Almost every time we deplane we see scads of litter, headsets, blankets, pillows, etc. on the floor.

When did people stop being polite, responsible adults & start having the mindset of “well, that’s their job to clean up behind me”…

There is no good reason to leave behind a mess on the plane or in the airport (or anywhere, for that matter). Do you appreciate it when someone leaves a mess for you to clean up after them?

Be a good human & a true custodian of this earth. It’s all we have. 

and P. S. why do you go with sock feet or even barefoot into the airplane toilet?!

NOT Good: Our experience on Virgin Airlines

NOT Good:

Our experience on Virgin Airlines

We were so excited to try out Virgin Airlines from Vancouver to England as it is such a long trip, and as per the commercials, Richard Branson himself speaks to the luxury of his airline. However, our first experience of Virgin was less than impressive. The rows were so close together we could barely squeeze into our seats. Neither my husband or myself are large people, so can’t imagine what a taller or broader traveller would experience. 

I wanted to read my tablet yet there was no space between myself and the seat ahead of me; THEN the gentleman traveller in front let his seat back. . . I was literally staring at the back of his head directly in front of my face until our first meal arrived. Our seats would not recline at all (keeping in mind this is an 8.5 hour flight) and try as we might to stretch or cross our legs, there was no way to do that. We were seated in the centre section and as we looked at the seats across the aisle from us (window seats) we realized the rows were further apart than ours… 

The staff was kind and we did receive a traveller kit with mini toothbrush, toothpaste and a sleep mask. But it certainly did not make up for our discomfort. 

Chances are that we would NOT choose to fly Virgin again.

The Return Ticket gives Virgin Airlines: One ticket out of five