To Plan or Not to Plan… Whichever, it’s Going to Require Coffee!

So we’re trying to decide where to go next… we’ve bounced a few ideas around… Tried to figure out timing… checked on pricing… I think it’s time we get serious & getting serious requires a serious beverage & a great little place to enjoy it.

Not far from where we live is a really quaint little place called Cafe Amarti It’s got a casual, comfortable atmosphere, they’ve got fresh healthy food, fresh maybe-not-so-healthy-but-oh-so-delish-desserts, they serve all kinds of loose teas, some wine & beer & best of all… 49th Parallel Coffee that is from Vancouver. It’s a great place to go with a friend or two, I’ve met clients there & a lot of students go there to study. There’s a dance studio & a martial arts business next door so I’ll bet it’s where the Mommies love to go wait while their kids plié or break boards. There is even a long community table to sit at if you have a crowd. The staff are quick to serve & friendly and made delicious sandwiches for us. It was the perfect place to start planning our next travel adventure. What’s cool is the owners are a brother & sister who love to travel & have used their experiences visiting different cafes & wine bars around the world to develop their own unique menu & feel. They have excellent hours: 8 am – 10 pm, so can accommodate the breakfast bunch or the after dinner crowd.

Found a new #coffee spot!

I met a friend for a LONG overdue visit at this really great, #rustic #cafe called in #abbotsford #britishcolumbia the other night. It’s comfortable, #casual has plenty of #food & #drink options & has great business hours. There are lots of choices for #coffee & #tea (see photos of some of their offerings here) or if you’re looking for something a little stronger, they do serve #alcoholic drinks as well. #Craving something #tasty to go with it? There are #scones, #cinnamonbrioche or #savoury treats, even #sandwiches I enjoyed the creamy, rich #advocaatcappuccino which is #espresso poured over frothed #Eggnog and my friend enjoyed a #peachgreentea It’s easy to chat away with a friend but I can see dropping in with clients to work on their marketing here too. The staff are friendly & the cafe is immaculate. Definitely will be returning! The #decor is a combination between rustic & #antique with lots of seating & high beamed ceilings. It’s easy to chat away the hours with a friend here but I can see dropping in with clients to talk about building their business here too. The staff are friendly & the cafe is immaculate. There are various coffee #accoutrements from #pourovers to locally handcrafted #cups I even noticed some Old Hand Coffee clothing items that would make a great #gift I even picked up a #giftcertificate for a Christmas present Definitely will be returning to this quaint little spot!